Palanga during the summer

Palanga. If you decided to spend your holidays in Palanga, you will not be sorry for that! Palanga is one of the most popular and favourite Lithuanian resorts. In these latter years, Palanga underwent an intense restoration, i.e. its main Basanavicius street has remarkably changed beyond recognition, the only bridge is well-liked by both young and old tourists, while the beach is reactivated and supervised every summer to ensure comfort of the tourists taking the sun or playing the field games. Here all holidaymakers may terrifically spend their leisure time. Romantically minded tourists will be able to visit a beautiful botanical park with the palace of the Lithuanian Count Tiskevicius standing in the heart of these gardens. Meanwhile the tourists searching for more active and lively recreation will be offered the night life of the resort with various clubs and cafes satisfying needs of their whimsical guests. The Baltic Sea shall be, naturally, visited by children and adults at any time.